Goals and Rewards

5 Sign up for WW meeting, contingent that I’ve journaled 21 days in a row
10 New book Bought Lotta’s Book
15 Mani/Pedi 6/16/07
20 ?????
10% Old Navy Mini Binge
25 Mani/Pedi
30 Weekend off, go to Botanical Gardens
35 iPod Shuffle, iTunes Binge
40 New tops (2) from AE
45 Mani/Pedi
50 Massage
55 Mani/Pedi
60 Highlights, haircut
65 Mani/Pedi
70 Dress for eyeball
75 Massage
80 New clothes for FLA trip
85 Dinner cruise that following spring
90 Forever 21 binge

Somewhere on the interweb, I found a woman who said at her goal weight that she was going to buy herself a ring so that she would be constantly reminded of her weight loss. So I figured, HEY! why not copy that. That’s a great idea! This is the ring I want. It’s from Tiffany & Co. I find that it reminds me of my past journey and my future journey.


I also thought about putting $5 per pound aside to help with any of these costs that I might incure as I reach these goals. As of 05/03/2007 I haven’t started such a fund, but I might with my next major goal (10#).

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